Geroge Santayana said, “A child educated only at school is an uneducated child.” This quote directly reflects the irritation I feel towards many in the Christian circle of people with whom I am surrounded. As a Christian parent myself, I have been an advocate for private Christian education. I often hear a number of my Christian peers belittle and condemn those who choose (because of work schedules, finances, etc.) to send their children to public institutions. Prayer is one of the most important things in a Christians walk of faith and many Christians blame the downfall of society to the lack of prayer in public schools. Or the fact that public schools teach evolution, or safe sex rather than abstinence. There is a multitude of reasons we as Christians choose a Christian education. But seriously, is the school to blame for the downfall of American society? What we call a downfall, has not simply taken place in society outside of the Christian faith but in the faith as well. Kids and teens raised in Christian homes are rarely any different than those who are not. Christian teens smoke pot, have sex, get pregnant and rebel against their parents just like “non-faith” teens. Do I wish that everything I believe was taught just as I believe it to my child in a public institution? Sure, but the fact of the matter is, it isn’t. What I seem to be finding is Christian parents who spend a great deal of time being pissed off at the government for excluding prayer from schools. Which, for those of you who are unaware, prayer is not outlawed from school - it simply must be run by the students. So why is it then that we are not teaching our children to pray? Why are we not teaching our children how to start a prayer group to pray for the school, for fellow Christians and those who are not?  The pubic school may not be teaching our students creation, but why is it then that Christian parents are not either? Public schools have taken to tell kids if they are going to have sex, then they need to have safe sex. But as Christian parents we are too afraid to even talk to our kids about sex, so they fall into the same trap as every other child. Yet the only answer I ever hear in the Christian community is… PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE WRONG! GET YOUR CHILD A CHRISTIAN EDUCATION! I am appalled by this! At what point do we as parents choose to stand up and teach our children what we believe? Apparently never. Nope, we sit back, get pissed off, blame the school (whom we turn to teach everything), pull our kids out of school, put them in a Christian institution and learn we have kids who are no different than any other. Christian kids don’t often stand out; many choose to be angry wallflower just like their parents. I do not blame the government or public school systems for the downfall of or society or our children. I blame us. I blame parents. I blame Christian parents. When all we do is complain and do nothing, we teach our children to be complainers, not world changers. When we pull them out of a public institution to put them in a private one we segregate them so they know nothing of what another person believes or feels. We allow them to see themselves as better than those who are in a public school. We do not teach them love or understanding. And we teach the world that Christians are just as closed minded and judgemental as they think we are. I do believe that a Christian education can be a wonderful thing and the right answer for some kids. But it should NOT be the school’s job (public or private) to raise our children. Parents should be raising their children.

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